Owners: Tony and Marda Vasconcellos have originally established the Dance Junxion. Called “the Dance Warehouse” in 2002 at the time – they envisioned this most amazing dance venue.

In 2006 they sold their dream studio to take a break with the birth of their only child Carina, and purchased the dream back in 2011 when she turned 5!

They were flying high in the attractive Rosebank Mall Studio, with starlights in the ceiling, but decided in 2014, to follow their stars back to their home turf, Bryanston/Randburg.  This is where they have established a six year stay in their studio @ Coachmans Crossing, Peter Place, Bryanston.

Finally, their lifelong dream has now come true, with their newly built studio @23 Nancy Road, Kleve Hill Park, Bryanston, moving to “new beginnings”, in 1 July 2019!

The Dance Junxion Mission:

  • Providing a home for dance for those who dance for recreation and those who dance to perfect their art.
  • Maintaining a high standard of discipline & integrity
  • Doing all in Xcellence
  • Being Aspirational and Accessible
  • Creating a fun, xciting dance environment for all members without compromising on the quality of training they receive.
  • Creating unity and sound partnerships in dance


The Dance JunXion

The Dance JunXion