Owners: Tony and Marda Vasconcellos have originally established the Dance Junxion. Called “the Dance Warehouse” in 2002 at the time – they envisioned this most amazing dance venue.

In 2006 they sold their dream studio to take a break with the birth of their only child Carina, and purchased the dream back in 2012 when she turned 6!

The Dance Junxion Mission:

  • Providing a home for dance for those who dance for recreation and those who dance to perfect their art.
  • Maintaining a high standard of discipline & integrity
  • Doing all in Xcellence
  • Being Aspirational and Accessible
  • Creating a fun, xciting dance environment for all members without compromising on the quality of training they receive.
  • Creating unity and sound partnerships in dance
The Dance JunXion

The Dance JunXion