Family Fun Dance

We have a new Family Dance project on the go. We would like to invite kids and their families and any other friends with their families for a wonderful opportunity to do something fun and healthy as a family together. Tony and I-Marda owners of The Dance JunXion have found that there are very few places and activities that we can do together with our own daughter, Carina interacting in a fun way. So we have decided to offer a Family Package of R780 per family (not more than 6 members per family) per 1 hour dance session at our studio.

This will be in the format of a Group Class where kids and parents (even cousins and grandparents of all ages) will learn different fun dances together.

We really hope to be able to get a lot of families to join in the fun.

Bookings Available, Monday – Saturday 08H30 – 22H30

The Dance JunXion

The Dance JunXion